Why applying

There are many benefits in taking part in a professionally organized corporate award initiative, not the least of which is for an employer organization to look to the pursuit of excellence in all it does. As such, the participation to the Corporate HR Awards is neither a superfluous extravagance nor a waste of time. Instead, it is a smart and strategic business consideration that may deliver real value.

Participating to the Corporate HR Awards represents a multi-directional recognition you get as both an HR department and a corporate organization. Presenting a case or initiative is a sign of recognition and gratitude towards the people who have hardly worked on it. Secondly, it helps gaining the acknowledgment from the entire company’s staff, future talents, clients, suppliers, industry experts, media, etc.

Employer brand
Whether you are a small, medium or large organization, participating to the Awards -and possibly winning one of them- generates visibility and buzz, both internally and externally. Through dynamic communication channels, the Awards are a fantastic lever to employer branding, talent attractiveness and industry recognition.

Finally, participating to the Awards is a tremendous exercise to validate your HRM strategy and corporate directions, assess the real HR value and benefits of what you do, benchmark against the best, and enhance your company’s ability to think forward and strive new standards of people centricity and organizational excellence.

How to apply

The Corporate HR Awards are open to all companies and organizations -private or public, large or small- having either their headquarter or a subsidiary in Belgium and wishing to demonstrate how they excel in managing their human capital through inspiring strategies and initiatives. To be considered, entrants must apply and complete a dossier (available on demand) by 10 December 2021 at the latest. This dossier will allow the Jury to examine your company’s dedication to people-centricity and make its final choice among all nominees.

If you are an HR Service provider or consultant and would like to nominate one of your clients for a Corporate HR Award, we advise you to enlist the CHRO within the organization you wish to nominate to submit the application.