Awards categories

The Corporate HR Awards 2018 cover 4 different categories representing the major areas of human capital management:

Talent Management & Optimization
This category addresses innovative talent management initiatives and cultures. Nominees in this category should give details of how their organisation defines and spots talent; how they attract, acquire, develop and retain talents; how they deliver appropriate leadership development opportunities; and how they monitor and measure the success of implementation and outcome. The Jury will look for the talent strategy that best demonstrates either radical innovation or effectiveness, clear outcomes in securing, engaging and developing talents to meet the organisation’s wider business goal, and evidence that the talent strategy is advancing the business either qualitatively or quantitatively.

Transformational Change & Organisational Effectiveness
This category covers successful people-focused business transformation and organisational development programs. Key elements that are assessed include making the business case for change, its communication, implementation and measurement. Judges will look for an innovative change/transformation program, how effectively it is implemented and measured, how it has overcome any resistance, and the active role that HR plays in the program. Moreover, the Jury will look at how the change has strengthened the agility, culture and vision of the organisation.

The Future of Work
This category examines how organisations are responding to the new ways of working including workplace transformation, remote working, mobile workers, contingent workforce, work simplification, diversity and inclusion, gig economy, among others. Moreover, the Jury wants to examine how those organisations are preparing the future of work by anticipating trends and organizing work accordingly. A particular attention will be given on the deliverables and outcomes in terms of improved employee performance, collaboration, productivity, and well-being.

Employee engagement
This category addresses organisations that demonstrate an innovative approach in employee engagement while delivering tangible organisational and operational benefits. Judges will be looking for (and/or) inspiring performance management programs; innovative compensation, benefits and rewards approaches; original work organisation; effective L&D programs; innovative employer branding initiatives; or any other program and initiative that improve people engagement and retention quantitatively and qualitatively. The Jury will also look at how improved engagement has contributed to the organisation’s overal business performance results.