Awards categories

The Corporate HR Awards 2019 cover 4 different categories representing the major strategic areas of human capital management:

Organizational Effectiveness
This category covers successful people-focused business transformation and organizational effectiveness programs. Key elements that are assessed include making the peope case for change, technology adoption and implementation, adaptation of the HR operating model, change management, and measurement. Judges will look for how effectively the program or project is implemented and measured, how it overcomes any resistance, and the active role that HR plays in the program. Moreover, the Jury will look at how the change has strengthened the agility, culture and vision of the organization.

Employee Experience
This category examines how organizations are creating exceptional employee experience by e.g. designing attractive workplaces, managing exemplary employee onboarding/offboarding processes, delivering appropriate L&D opportunities, enabling individual/team recognition, putting diversity and inclusion at the heart of their HR strategy, offering remote and/or flexible working options, offering career mobility, etc. A particular attention will be given on the deliverables and outcomes in terms of improved employee experience, retention, advocacy and well-being.

High-Impact People Strategy
This category explores innovative approaches to outstanding people strategies by taking into account the challenges of a particular sector, business model, company size and/or business context and with clear narratives that demonstrate how this strategy is impacting and advancing the business either qualitatively or quantitatively. Moreover, the Jury will scrutinize how the people strategy stands out as a clear showcase by responding to the new ways of working including workplace digitalization, diversity management, work simplification, diversity, gig economy, CSR, among others.

Employee Engagement
This category addresses employer organizations that demonstrate an innovative approach in employee engagement while delivering tangible organizational and operational benefits. Judges will be looking for (and/or) consistent talent management strategies; inspiring performance management programs; innovative rewards approaches; original work (re)organization; effective L&D programs; innovative employer branding initiatives; or any other program and initiative that improve people engagement quantitatively and qualitatively. The Jury will also look at how improved engagement has contributed to the organization’s overall business and HR performance results.