Welcome to Belgium’s most prestigious awards for corporate excellence in human capital management.

This highly acclaimed initiative aims at honoring, every year and for more than a decade, the companies from the private and public sector that deliver tremendous excellence in HR management, meaningful employee experience, outstanding operational effectiveness, purposeful diversity, and innovative people-centric initiatives.

When the Covid19 drastically affects organizations all over the world, the Awards 2020 will unsurprisingly explore how employer organizations are not just responding to the crisis, but also capitalizing on their HR-related achievements to prepare -and thrive in- the next future. More specifically, we will examine how the HRM heroes of the pandemic have adapted their HR operating models, repurposed their workplace, improved their workforce agility and skills resilience, accelerated their HR transformation, adopted new technologies, and enabled an enlarged remote workforce in a smart way.

Briefly said: the Corporate HR Awards 2020 will detect and celebrate the HR organizations that are going the extra mile by taking on the Covid19 challenge not only in a reactive mode but also by sustaining their new workforce and organizational capabilities in the long run and by addressing the pivotal events that are critical to their business and to their people as well.

Winning a Corporate HR Award is a highly prestigious and acknowledged mark of corporate accomplishment. And because the awards are given to companies and not to individuals, they are a hallmark of excellence that is valued not just by the HR department, but also by the Board, employees, clients, partners, and any other stakeholders. In addition, they represent an extraordinary trigger for corporate reputation, employer branding and talent attractiveness.

Award winners will be revealed and celebrated during a gala ceremony in early 2021 (date and venue to be announced), together with the yearly Belgian HR Excellence Awards evening and in presence of 700 HRM leaders.

Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to have your achievements and team efforts recognized. We look forward to get your application very quickly!

The Corporate HR Awards Team